E komo mai (welcome) to Bad Tuna. If you live or dream the island lifestyle of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding, fishing or just relaxing on the beach, our teez will help share your love, passion and aloha spirit for "da kine" island living this for 2015. Be part of our ohana and let's rule da' waters with respect. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to BadTuna for latest product information, giveaways and events. Aloha and mahalo!
The Avengers are out again and this time Bad Tuna has its own superhero "IRON FISH." It's made of true solid iron tu-na bone! To get one of these vintage Iron Fish T-shirt, just click the image.
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This t-shirt design is for you local born or return visitors of Hawaii. HI-50 stands for Hawaii the 50th State. LOCAL SALT represents you as part of salty sea surrounding the islands. Click the image to order - dark color tees only.
Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board
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